mdhornbuckle (mdhornbuckle) wrote,

The M-Word #27 – An excerpt from “Abstract Abstracts: a Radio Play”

Scene: A telephone conversation between (NYC music promoter) Frank Wood and your humble M-Word representative.


(telephone rings)


M-Word:  Hello?


Wood:     Hey hey hey. This is Wood.


M-Word:  Hi, Frank.  What’s up?


Wood:     You all set for tomorrow night* at Pussycat Lounge?


M-Word:  Yep.


Wood:               Listen, its going to be you guys and some other acts, and it’s some kind of Howard

Stern/First amendment benefit.


M-Word:  It’s a benefit for Howard Stern?


Wood:     No, it’s a benefit for the First Amendment.  The people that are putting it together, they’re using Howard Stern’s name.  And there’s a chance that he’ll be at the show.


M-Word:  How can you have a benefit for the First Amendment? What does that even mean?


Wood:     I don’t know.


M-Word:  You can’t give the proceeds to an amendment.


Wood:     I don’t know anything about it.


M-Word:  OK... We’ll be there.  See you later.


Wood:     Later.




*This conversation took place on Wednesday.




Thursday 3.25.2004

8:30 pm @ Pussycat Lounge (upstairs)
96 Greenwich St. New York City 2 blocks South of World Trade Center/Ground zero.


Some kind of “First Amendment” benefit.

Microscopic chance of meeting Howard Stern


Closest subway: the 1/9 to Rector Street


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